Firewood for Pizza Ovens and Grills

Pizza ovens

Do you have an appetite for high quality firewood?

For restaurants with pizza ovens and open grills, quality firewood is a must. Burning longer, burning hotter and burning cleaner; kiln-dried firewood from the best logs is what you need for a smoke and ember free, efficient cooking process. When you’re cooking mouthwatering food, kiln-dried firewood is an essential ingredient. Get logs for your pizza oven or open grill delivered straight to your door.

Why Logworld Surrey for Firewood for Pizzas and Open Grills?

  • Enjoy a reduction in smoke, ash and embers
  • Dried hardwood results in a dry, clean heat
  • Dried hardwood burns hot, hot, hot – for an even, crisp pizza
  • We supply kiln dried ash – perfect for pizza ovens
  • Dried hardwood is more efficient and cost effective
  • Delivered to your door
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