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Our premium quality logs are perfect for use with outdoors in firepits:

  • 5x nets of kiln dried softwood logs (approx. 13-15 logs)
  • 5x nets of kiln dried hardwood logs (approx. 13- 15 logs)
  • 1x net sack of softwood kindling and 1x pack of firelighters
  • Ideal for outside use in firepits

What application are Kiln Dried Firewood logs suitable for?

Kiln dried firewood logs are suitable for all log burners, multi-fuel burners, open fires, pizza ovens, chimneys, braziers, and all solid fuel biomass boilers.

Use 1 or 2 cubes of firelighters to ignite the softwood logs. Create a really hot heart to the fire then add some hardwood to increase the longevity of the fire.

This combination of soft and hardwood is great for use when the party will go on long into the night!

The softwood will ignite really easily and quickly release loads of heat with low smoke. When the hardwood logs are added you’ll have a prolonged, consistent hot flame to enjoy, and not have to top up the fire as frequently.

How to light a Fire Pit

  1. Make sure your fire pit is away from any trees or bushes
  2. Stack the kiln dried logs in a “teepee” like structure
  3. Add firelighters center of fire pit
  4. Finally, just light the firelighters

Please note: These logs release lots of heat very quickly so don’t last long!. One net sack may only last between 60-90 mins.

Premium quality Kiln Dried Firewood logs

You may think that one log is much the same as another. But it’s not the case. The quality and duration of your fire, and the value for money you’ll enjoy, depends on the quality of not only the log itself, but the processes involved in drying it.

Our logs go through expert kiln-drying processes and are kept in specialist log-storage facilities; resulting in moisture rates of less than 20%.

Our logs are responsibly and ethically sourced. No destruction or negative impact on the Forest. Only using recycled timber; arisings from our tree surgery operations.

The source of our logs; sister company Hedges and Trees, is a highly acclaimed, reputable tree surgery business.

If you’re looking for the best quality logs for your home fire pit; order now.

We deliver to the following postcodes free of charge:

KT1, KT10, KT11, KT12, KT13, KT17, KT18, KT19, KT2, KT20, KT21, KT22, KT23, KT24, KT3, KT4, KT5, KT6, KT7, KT8, KT9, RH1, RH2, RH3, RH4, RH5, RH6, SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SM5, SM6, SM7

We deliver to the following postcodes for a flat rate of £35:

CR0, CR2, CR3, CR4, CR44, CR5, CR6, CR7, CR8, CR9, CR90, GU1, GU18, GU19, GU21, GU22, GU23, GU24, GU4, GU5, GU6, KT14, KT15, KT16, RH7, RH8, RH9, RH10, RH11  RH12, RH13, RH17, RH18, RH19, TW1, TW10, TW11, TW12, TW13, TW14, TW15, TW16, TW17, TW18, TW19, TW2, TW20, TW3, TW4, TW5, TW6, TW7, TW8, TW9

If you are not in our delivery area and would still like to make an order call us on 01372 439263 and we’ll see what we can do!


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